16 February 2017


Strength Endurance
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
5x Strict pull-ups
10x Push-ups
20x Pistol squats, alternating
10x Ring rows
5x Ring dips

Note: Movement integrity, applied consistently, tested with intensity! Never sacrifice range of motion or correct form for faster times or more reps, NEVER! Protect yourself now, and later you will thank yourself.

15 February 2017


Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
Odd minutes - 20x Lateral hurdle jumps over a 24 in obstacle
Even minutes - 60yd Pro shuttle drill

Note: Use a box, wall, actual hurdle, or any other obstacle roughly two feet high and laterally jump back and forth over it during the odd minutes. Be explosive and minimize ground contact, try to rebound immediately as your feet touch. For the 60yd Pro shuttle drill set up 4 cones with the first as your starting point, the second 5 yards out, the third 10 yards out, and the fourth 15 yards out. To complete the drill sprint from the start to the second cone, then back peddle to the first cone, sprint to the third cone, the again back peddle to the start, sprint to the fourth cone, and then finally back pedal to the start. Be fast, be explosive, be more than a gym rat!

13 February 2017


Work Capacity
3 Rounds:
200m Farmer walk w/75# dumbbells < each hand*
5x Tire flips heavy

*If unable to complete 200m unbroken, you incur a 20x burpee pull-up penalty.

Note: Each farmer walk MUST be completed unbroken, if you fail to complete the distance without putting the weights down you will incur a penalty that will be added on to the end of the training! Use a tire that is challenging to flip one time, then dig deep and get through it. As always train safe and know your own limits, but do not shy away from "difficult." At the end of the session complete any burpee pull-ups incurred (total should not exceed 60x).

Thought to contemplate:
Instead of daydreaming or fantasizing about what it would be like to (fill in the blank) - TRAIN.
Instead of proclaiming through words or social media posts - BE.
Instead of dwelling on could have, should have, and would have - ACT.

12 February 2017


5 Rounds:
5x Single leg RDL w/dumbbells, each leg
5x Bulgarian split squat each leg, as heavy as possible
8x DB row each arm, as heavy as possible
20x Standing barbell Russian twist, 45lbs

Note: I am becoming more of a proponent for unilateral training. It could be argued, that the barbell is the single greatest tool for scalability in strength applications. However, there are many disadvantages that stem from its sole use in a long-term training program. Weakness and imbalance between the opposing sides of the body may be masked when using a barbell, as the dominant half of the body makes up the difference. Furthermore, the opportunity to experience a heavy load that is dynamic and shifting is never experienced. This highlights the importance of never becoming attached to one tool, or one training methodology. There is something to be learned and gained from every new challenge. Remember challenge does not just come in the form of adding resistance to stale movement patterns that are never evolving.

09 February 2017


Work Capacity
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
1x 20ft rope climb
10x Overhead squats w/50% bodyweight
1x 20ft rope climb
10x Front squats w/bodyweight
1x 20ft rope climb
400m Run

Note: Climbing a rope is a life skill, use each rep as an opportunity to refine your skill. Consider challenging yourself with no feet on the first climb each round, or all reps depending on your skill level. The loading on the squats should be manageable. As the volume accumulates hold yourself accountable to solid form. Get after it on the run!

08 February 2017


6 Rounds for time:
1 minute treading water no hands
100m swim

Note: Just a little work on our swim skills today. Depending on your level of ability treading water, with out hands may be devastating or ridiculously easy. If it is far beyond your ability tread water for the full duration, but alternate eliminating one hand every so often. If no hand treading is simplistic then grab a weight off the bottom of the pool each set and egg-beat your little heart out, this way increasing intensity is limitless. As soon as a minute has passed take off in a sprint for the 100m. Enjoy this break from the gym.

06 February 2017


Work Capacity
5 Rounds:
100ft Car push as fast as possible
100x Double-unders
Rest 1 minute

Note: Fun one today and a lung burner. It doesn't seem like much, but then your legs start burning, your lungs seem to crave oxygen, and then you need to compose yourself so you can deftly negotiate the jump rope. Enjoy!


2x Hang full cleans AHAP

For time with a partner:
100x Stone-to-shoulder AHAP

Note: Warm-up to a solid working weight at about 85% of your 1RM for the hang clean. For the stone to shoulders switch back and forth with your partner every two reps, alternate shoulders every rep. This is for time so move with purpose. The heavier the stone the more purposeful and deliberate your rest should be to allow for safe lifting. Good old fashion work!

02 February 2017


Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes complete the following:
Odd minutes: 1x Turkish get-up each arm, as heavy as possible
Even minutes: 30sec side plank each side

Note: Finishing the week with some total body stability and midline stabilization. Concentrate on your form on the TGU. Punch your fist into the sky with your wrist locked in (not flopped back and disengaged). Open your hips and bridge all the way on the ascent AND the descent. Eyes remain fixated on the kettlebell during the movement. Enjoy your weekend, be safe!


For time:
Run 10k

Note: Enjoy this time, get outside and move! This does not have to be for time. Use your time to think, reflect, and be present. Contemplate the following:

To what benefit is the promulgation of negativity, who finds value in dissension, how are you blessing others in condemnation? Instead of sowing into the ever growing societal strife of mixed opinions and passion driven perspective - consider instead how you can in any way encourage, lift up, or sow peace into your family, your friends and your community. I wonder if we can't rise above...