12 February 2017


5 Rounds:
5x Single leg RDL w/dumbbells, each leg
5x Bulgarian split squat each leg, as heavy as possible
8x DB row each arm, as heavy as possible
20x Standing barbell Russian twist, 45lbs

Note: I am becoming more of a proponent for unilateral training. It could be argued, that the barbell is the single greatest tool for scalability in strength applications. However, there are many disadvantages that stem from its sole use in a long-term training program. Weakness and imbalance between the opposing sides of the body may be masked when using a barbell, as the dominant half of the body makes up the difference. Furthermore, the opportunity to experience a heavy load that is dynamic and shifting is never experienced. This highlights the importance of never becoming attached to one tool, or one training methodology. There is something to be learned and gained from every new challenge. Remember challenge does not just come in the form of adding resistance to stale movement patterns that are never evolving.

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