13 February 2017


Work Capacity
3 Rounds:
200m Farmer walk w/75# dumbbells < each hand*
5x Tire flips heavy

*If unable to complete 200m unbroken, you incur a 20x burpee pull-up penalty.

Note: Each farmer walk MUST be completed unbroken, if you fail to complete the distance without putting the weights down you will incur a penalty that will be added on to the end of the training! Use a tire that is challenging to flip one time, then dig deep and get through it. As always train safe and know your own limits, but do not shy away from "difficult." At the end of the session complete any burpee pull-ups incurred (total should not exceed 60x).

Thought to contemplate:
Instead of daydreaming or fantasizing about what it would be like to (fill in the blank) - TRAIN.
Instead of proclaiming through words or social media posts - BE.
Instead of dwelling on could have, should have, and would have - ACT.

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